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Reading Day- Reading Month 19th June to 18th July 2018


                    Reading Day was celebrated on 19th June 2018. Reading Month celebration was inaugurated by the Principal. The programme was anchored by Sreya V Pillai and Asin Sulthana of class IX.  There was a speech on specifying the importance of the day by Lekshmi P Chandran and Anjima of class VII. Reading pledge was taken by the whole school.  The pledge was administered by Archita Kumari Tripathy of class VII. 

A variety of programmes were there for the celebration.     



Poster making done by Rochelle Saji Achandil of class IX.


KNOW THIS AUTHOR: MRS. SUDHA MURTI. This was done by Aswini of class IX.


Book Review in Regional Language(Malayalam): AADU JEEVITHAM by BENYAMIN was presented by Sreya V Pillai of class IX.


KNOW A SANSKRIT AUTHOR: SRI. KALIDASA. It was done by Archita of class VII.



It was presented by Keerthana of class VIII.


Role Play by the children of class VIII

Achsa of class VIII as Helen Keller, Serene as Alice, Nithin as Tom Sawyer, Arjun as Batman, Vineet as Sherlock Holms and Vaishakh as Luttappi.


Now on current reading, Newspaper reading is a must to update us. So Vinayak S Nair, and Abhiraman are here to say about fifa world cup.

Here is Asin Sulthana and team with crafts made by them on Harry Potter series.


Next is Chaithralekshmi Ajith with a programme on How to write a book review.IMG_20180702_083050720

KNOW A HINDI AUTHOR: MUNSHI PREMCHAND. It was done by Gouri Lekshmi of class VII.


Students of class IX presented a”KNOW THIS AUTHOR: RUSKIN BOND” and his works available in our library.

Remona Maria Babu of class X presented a programme on Gandhian thoughts.


Remona Maria Babu of Class X presented a programme on significance of celebrating Green Day- Reuse of books to protect our environment and save trees.


From 17th to 19th July we have organized a Book Exhibition in collaboration with New Light Book House, Thiruvananthapuram.  It was inaugurated by the Principal        Sri. Sreekumar M N.

        On 18thJuly, it was the concluding day.  We celebrated it in a very good manner. There was a chief guest Sri. Satish Chandran, Rtd.Asst. Director, Intelligence Bureau.  It was a wonderful programme.  Welcome speech was delivered by our Principal    Sri. Sreekumar M N followed by action song by students of class VI.  The Chief Guest declared the reader of the month June2018.  Abhiraman V J of class X received prize from the chief guest.  The chief guest blessed the children and his valuable words motivated the children to read more.


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