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Celebration of Reading Month started on 19/06/2019. The programme was anchored by Adithya Mohan and Devanaryanan of Class VIII. There was a speach by Sidharth on Importance of Reading and character parade by Anush of Class VIII. He acted as Mr. Bean.


Asin Sulthana of Class X celebrated her birthday on 19/06/19 and she donated a book to school library.


On 20/06/19, there was surprise inspection in our school and children presented different types of books like journals, reference books, fiction,etc . in the assembly.

On 22/06/19 there was a quiz programme in the library. Quiz masters were Adithya Mohan and Deva Narayanan.

On 24/06/2019, a story was narrated in the assembly by Adheeja S Farhan and Anjali S A of Class VII. There was a speech in the assembly by the Principal                          Sri. Sreekumar M N.



On 25th June 2019, students of Class VII presented a book review and character parade of Sherlock Holmes. Aromal S Kumar acted as Sherlock Holmes.

On 26/06/2019, there was an assembly programme based on Goosebumps by Class VII, Bhavya Renju acted as a horror character.

There was an assembly programme on 27/06/2019 based on Srinarayana Guru.  It was presented by class VII.

A book exhibition was there in the school premises on 27/06/2019 to 29/09/2019 in collaboration with Great Books, Chennai. It was inagurated by the Principal Sri. Sreekumar M N.

On 05/07/2019, assembly programme was presented by Primary Class IV.  They presented a programme based on different books like Jungle Book, Harry Potter and its characters.

On 15/07/2019, assembly programme was based on Munshi Premchand and his works. It was presented by class IV.

A book review was presented by Vaishnav of Class XI. It was a book on Mysterious stories.

Thus the programme was concluded by a book Review on Helen Keller by Class V and a motivational speech was also there by the Principal on 18/07/2019.


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