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               National Book Week was celebrated in the Vidyalaya from 14/11/2019 to 20/11/2019. It was inaugurated by Principal Sri. Piara Lal. The programme was anchored by Achsa and Adheena S Farhan of class IX.  Various competitions like Book talk, cover page designing, book mark designing, book review, story telling for primary, a variety of assembly programmes were also organised. Prizes were also distributed to the winners.

               A book exhibition was organised in the Vidyalaya from 17/11/2019 to 19/11/2019 in collaboration with Book Berries, Thiruvananthapuram. It was inaugurated by the Principal, Sri. Piara Lal.

                   On 20/11/2019, all the winners were honoured in the assembly.

             Cover page designing and book marks

            Story telling for primary

Reader’s Club

Reader’s Club meeting conducted on 17/08/2019 in the library.

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Display board based on William Shakespeare was prepared by the members of Reader’s Club.



Children of Class V discussing about the books they read.


Celebration of Reading Month started on 19/06/2019. The programme was anchored by Adithya Mohan and Devanaryanan of Class VIII. There was a speach by Sidharth on Importance of Reading and character parade by Anush of Class VIII. He acted as Mr. Bean.


Asin Sulthana of Class X celebrated her birthday on 19/06/19 and she donated a book to school library.


On 20/06/19, there was surprise inspection in our school and children presented different types of books like journals, reference books, fiction,etc . in the assembly.

On 22/06/19 there was a quiz programme in the library. Quiz masters were Adithya Mohan and Deva Narayanan.

On 24/06/2019, a story was narrated in the assembly by Adheeja S Farhan and Anjali S A of Class VII. There was a speech in the assembly by the Principal                          Sri. Sreekumar M N.



On 25th June 2019, students of Class VII presented a book review and character parade of Sherlock Holmes. Aromal S Kumar acted as Sherlock Holmes.

On 26/06/2019, there was an assembly programme based on Goosebumps by Class VII, Bhavya Renju acted as a horror character.

There was an assembly programme on 27/06/2019 based on Srinarayana Guru.  It was presented by class VII.

A book exhibition was there in the school premises on 27/06/2019 to 29/09/2019 in collaboration with Great Books, Chennai. It was inagurated by the Principal Sri. Sreekumar M N.

On 05/07/2019, assembly programme was presented by Primary Class IV.  They presented a programme based on different books like Jungle Book, Harry Potter and its characters.

On 15/07/2019, assembly programme was based on Munshi Premchand and his works. It was presented by class IV.

A book review was presented by Vaishnav of Class XI. It was a book on Mysterious stories.

Thus the programme was concluded by a book Review on Helen Keller by Class V and a motivational speech was also there by the Principal on 18/07/2019.


Book Exhibition: DC Books

Vidyalaya organized a book exhibition in collaboration with DC Books, Kollam on 29/01/2019 to 31/01/2019.  It was inaugurated by the Principal Sri. Sreekumar M N on 29/01/2019 at 9am.

Library period activity: Class VI

Quiz programme conducted by the children during their library period.


National Book Week was celebrated in our Vidyalaya from 19/11/2018 to 26/11/2018.

The programme was inaugurated by our Principal Sri.Sreekumar M N.

The entire programme was very nicely anchored by Adheena S Farhan and Sivanandana Rajesh of Class VIII with wonder facts on everyday.  The first day, there was a speech on importance of reading in the present scenario by Achsa of Class VIII followed by a skit by Class VI.

The second day, a book review of Charlie and the Chocolate factory by Roald Dahl was beautifully presented by Keerthana of Class VIII. She had given a brief description of the author and the book. The characters of the book Oompa Loompa were also presented nicely through a dance by Krishnapriya, Lekshmipriya and Saira of class VIII.

The third day, there was a skit by primary children Class IV. The fairy tale Rapunzel was presented in the form of a skit.

The fourth day, there was a presentation of The Diary of an Young Girl, Anne Frank by Arsha of Class VIII. Mehr of Class I dressed up like Ann Frank.

The fifth day, there was a declamation by Adheeja S Farhan of Class VI. She presented the speech that Malala Yousafzai delivered in the Nobel Peace Prize Award Winning ceremony. The cover page design of I am Malala done by Nirupama S R of class VI was also displayed in the assembly.

On the sixth day, the programme was based on Harry Potter presented by Asin Sulthana, Sreya V Pillai, Chaithra Lekshmi Ajith and Aswini of class IX. Asin Sulthana as J K Rowling, Chaithra Lekshmi Ajith as Harry Potter, Aswini as Hermione Granger and Sreya V Pillai as Moaning Myrtle.




Students of Class VI presented a skit based on Helen Keller on 03/10/2018.

Students of Class VI acted as different books in the assembly on 01/08/2018. It was the birthday of Herman Melville, American Novelist, poet, the author of Moby Dick.


Release of class magazine: Class VI on 20/06/2018.


Assembly based on importance of trees on 06/10/2018 by the students of class VI.


Hindi Pakhwada celebration started in our Vidyalaya on 14th September 2018. We have organised a variety of programmes. There were Kavita Padh, Nibandh lekhan, Pustak pradarshini, variety of assembly programmes, etc. On 17th September, there was an assembly programme on Munshi Premchand.  The biography and works of Munshi Premchand were presented very nicely by Varsha L S and Neville Saji of Class X.


Nibandh lekhan conducted on 18/09/2018



There was an exhibition of Hindi books in the Library on 25/09/2018. All the Hindi books in the library were displayed.

Book Exhibition: Independence Day

                        A book exhibition in connection with Independence Day was there in the library. Books on freedom movement and freedom fighters were displayed on 14th to 16th of August 2018.